Washington University in St. Louis

While Arts & Sciences makes up 70 percent of the student body at Washington University in St. Louis, many students are not aware of it as the foundational source of their education. Our recommendations to improve awareness covered a wide array of solutions. At the core was a flexible identity system made up of a “toolbox” of graphic components. The system was implemented across web sites, signage, e-marketing templates, banners and bookstore items.

“…he won over faculty and staff with his astute understanding of our academic culture.”

Shelley Milligan, Ed.D., Associate Provost, Washington University in St. Louis

For this client, we provided:
Strategic Positioning
Design Consultation
Writing, Message Development
Brand Development
Brand Management

Logo Design
Corporate Identity Systems
Communication Programming
Collateral Design

Arts & Sciences Banner

A monogram evokes the classical and collaborative nature of Arts & Sciences; this simple red banner forms the basis for a system of identifiers for Colleges, Departments and Centers within Arts & Sciences.

Covers from various print communications

Petrick helped develop and produce the Strategic Plans of Arts & Sciences and the undergrad College of Arts & Sciences.

Website homepage for Arts Sciences

Petrick helped guide the effort to redesign and unify more than 40 web sites that fall under the A&S banner (photography by Jay Fram).

Arts & Sciences Banners Hanging on the Wall
Arts & Sciences Wayfinding System

Arts & Sciences banners adorn Holmes Lounge during a special event (photography by Jay Fram); an extensive wayfinding sign system was developed to identify and unify A&S buildings.